STEPANAKERT, December 3 (Noyan Tapan). A wide range of issues
concerning the results of the telethon held on November 25 in US for
the purpose of assisting to Nagorno Karabakh was discussed during the
consultation held by NKR President Arkadi Ghukasian in the evening of
December 2. Oleg Yesayan, Chairman of NKR NA, Anushavan Danielian, NKR
Prime Minister, members of Council of Security, as well as heads of
ministries and departments, other responsible officials of NKR
participated in the consultation.

The NKR President again confirmed that the financial resources
received as a result of the telethon will be used for finishing the
construction of the North-South main, which is of strategical
importance for Nagorno Karabakh from point of view of ensurance of its
military, economic and social security. In this connection he
especially mentioned the necessity of strict control over use of
financial resources, as well as organization of proper working process
in all the sectors of construction. It was emphasized that these
measures should contribute to finishing of the construction in the
fixed terms.

Comparing notes about the telethon, Arkadi Ghukasian gave assurance
that more than pleasing results of this pan-Armenian event, during
which about .5m were collected, is the consequence of rise of
confidence of Armenian Diaspora to Karabakh's course of
democratization of all spheres of life, reformation of the economy of
the republic, building of a civil society in Artsakh.

One of the most important issues for the Armenian Diaspora is the
future of Arstakh, strengthening of its political and economic
independence, the NKR President said. "The Diaspora beleives in
Artsakh and considers its duty to contribute to its all-round
development," NKR President emphasized. Arkadi Ghukasian gave
instructions to the participants of the consultation to begin
preparing for the next telethon. He said that he considers necessary
to use the resources received during the next telethon first of all
for development of socio-economic sector of Mardakert region in the
north of NKR, which greatly suffered from Azerbaijan's military
aggression. According to him, in the future the telethons should be
also dedicated to improvement of Shushi and other rural areas of
Nagorno Karabakh.

Touching upon the political results of his visit to US, the NKR
President mentioned that the Diaspora, Armenian political parties
acting abroad expressed readiness to take more active part in lobbying
of Nagorno Karabakh's position in its conflict with Azerbaijan in
different international structures.

According to the Press Service attached to NKR President, the
participants of the consultation expressed gratitude to their foreign
compatriots, as well as citizens of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh for
their active participation in the telethon.

The Armenian people can realize pan-national issues only with joint
efforts of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora, the NKR President said in

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress