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Thursday, December 9, 2004


"The AGBU New York Summer Intern Program was an amazing journey of
self discovery both as an Armenian and as an individual. I was able to
form friendships that I will cherish forever. My internship at the
United Nations helped me grow professionally and led me one step
closer to achieving my goals. I feel privileged to have had the
opportunity to participate in the program with 34 great Armenians from
different parts of the world. I sometimes wish I could turn back time
to the summer and stay there forever. The summer of 2004 will always
stay with me as one of the most memorable and exciting ones." Sone
Davayan of Glendale, CA

New York, NY - Having concluded another successful year, the AGBU New
York Summer Intern Program (NYSIP) is currently accepting applications
for the 2005 summer session -- the deadline of which is January 14,
2005. To obtain an application package, visit AGBU's website at, or contact the Associate Program Director, Aline
Ekmekji, by phone (212) 319-6383 ext. 132 or email [email protected]

The Program, now in its 18th season, has helped Armenian students
throughout the world by providing unique internship opportunities in
some of the world's most prestigious institutions - from the United
Nations and Columbia University Medical Center to Wachovia Securities
and Revlon, among many others.

In addition to their internship experience, a diverse cultural and
educational program is also arranged by the Program
staff. Participants receive a whirlwind taste of both their Armenian
heritage and what New York has to offer through professional seminars
that provide resume writing, interviewing and networking tips,
community service projects to create a sense of giving back to both
the Armenian and New York communities, as well as exploring New York's
cultural riches, including world renowned museums and trendy

Founded in 1987 by AGBU President's Club Co-Chairs, Vartkes and Rita
Balian, the AGBU New York Summer Intern Program is designed to
establish professional opportunities for Armenians living in the
United States and abroad.