Glendale News Press
Dec 27 2004

The stars do shine at night

Armenian singers and entertainers come out to pay respects to 2004.

By Jacqui Brown, News-Press

GLENDALE - Under the light fall of snow on a chilly night stars
strutted across the red carpet at the Alex Theatre.

Although the snow was not real, the glamour was, and hundreds of
fans, young and old, gathered to watch as some of the most popular
Armenian singers headed inside to enjoy a glass of champagne before
hitting the stage to perform their favorite songs.

The first performer, Nersik Ispiryan, got the crowd going as he
cruised up to the red carpet in a white stretch Cadillac Escalade.
After that, there was a steady string of stretched-out and decked-out
Hummers and other limousines dropping off more than 40 performers for
the event.

"We haven't seen Armenian singers in four years, so we're very
excited to be here," said Hrepsime Gasparyan and Artem Khechumyan.

Marina Sarkisyan, of Glendale, gathered with friends who were
anticipating hearing some of their favorite singers.

"We came to celebrate the New Year together," Sarkisyan said.

Glendale native Sako was ready to perform the song "Whatever you say,
I'm going to say yes" from his newly released album "Flawless."

Performer Araks Varteresyan said she felt right at home as she
watched the snow fall down on her.

"They say it's snowing right now in Armenia, so this is nice,"
Varteresyan said. "It feels wonderful to be here."

The show was taped for a special program to be shown on New Year's
Eve, according to Meridian Productions spokesman Arthur Agajanyan.

"So many of these artists have become quite famous, and we thought it
would be nice to bring them together and conclude the year with their
best songs," Agajanyan said. "We left it up to each artist to perform
whichever song they wanted from their repertoire."

The show will be broadcast New Year's Eve, starting at 6 p.m., on
channel 55 on Horizon 24-Hour Armenian TV.