Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey
Dec 30 2004

U.S. Team Went to the PKK Camp in Iraq

Anatoly Kopulov, the former Russian commander who crossed to the
Turkish side coming from northern Iraq in November along with 4 PKK
militants made interesting revelations about the arms and logistic
support of the organization.

Kaapilov said that he joined the PKK terrorist organization in Moscow
after working two years in the army and had stayed in the PKK camps
in Kandil for 5 years.

Kipolv told Turkish officials that "PKK provides its wireless from
Netherlands. Missiles are coming over Armenia. The organization is
communicating with European countries, over the internet. There are 3
tons of TNT, 2.5500 mines, 2 thousand mortar shells and Katyusa
missiles in the hideout near the lolan river. There are also Docka
anti-aircraft missiles."

Source: Hurriyet, 30 December 2004