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December 31, 2004
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-- $10,000 Contribution to assist ANCA Capital Gateway Program

WASHINGTON, DC - The Armenian American Veterans Post of Milford
Massachusetts (AAVO) has added to their legacy of charitable
giving with a generous $10,000 donation to the ANCA Capital Gateway
Program - a pioneering initiative to open the door for recent
Armenian American college graduates to political, government,
media, and foreign policy jobs in the nation's capital.

"The AAVO have long represented the proudest tradition of the
Armenian American community," said ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian.
"The children of Genocide survivors who themselves went to war to
protect our freedoms, today continue to give back, opening doors
for a new generation of Armenian Americans dedicated to public

Launched in August, 2003, through a generous donation from the
Cafesjian Family Foundation, the ANCA Capital Gateway Program
assists Armenian Americans across the U.S. to find job
opportunities on Capitol Hill or other government offices, the
media, and think tanks in Washington, D.C. The program builds on
the successful 20-year old ANCA "Leo Sarkisian" summer internship
program, which has brought hundreds of youth leaders to Washington,
D.C. to learn about the American political process and the growing
role Armenian Americans play in advancing issues of concern to our

Qualified Capital Gateway Program Fellows are provided free housing
and full use of ANCA facilities and staff support in their quest
for the right job or internship in the Nation's Capital. The over
20 participants in the program have secured positions in a myriad
locations including with Members of Congress, U.S. Chamber of
Commerce, Export-Import Bank, Congressional Quarterly, Center for
the Prevention of Genocide and the American Civil Liberties Union.

AAVO was founded in 1946 in Milford, MA by returning veterans of
World War II. Over the years, it has counted over three hundred
members, including veterans of both the Second World War and the
Korean War, who have called Milford home. During the 1950's the
group completed work on an attractive building and grounds, a
Veteran's and community center, which was a vibrant home to
area Armenian American veterans for many years. With the passing
of so many veterans in the decades following the War, the group
sold the building in 1989, and has used the proceeds from this sale
to contribute to a number of worthwhile causes. The AAVO have
been recognized for their generosity in newspapers, official
proclamations, and through the appreciation of the many recipients
of their humanitarian gifts. Among those that the Veterans have
assisted over the years include:

* The Armenian Library and Museum of America, the national
repository for collecting, conserving and documenting Armenian
artifacts, books, textiles, archives and works of art;

* Project Save, the pioneering program that collects and archives
visual information about Armenian people and their history;

* The Milford Senior Center, the town's gathering place for
members of the "Greatest Generation."

* Milford Whitinsville Regional Hospital, allowing this community
hospital to expand its facilities and services.

* St. Jude's Children's Hospital, which provides free of charge
medical care to the most vulnerable children, suffering from cancer
and other catastrophic diseases.

* Armenian Children's Milk Fund, a life-saving charity that has
been sending soy-based infant formula and dry powdered milk to
Armenia since 1989.

In addition, the Veterans have contributed to the Armenian Tree
Project, Armenian Eye Care Project, Armenian General Benevolent
Union, several Armenian churches, and individual families in need.
The Veterans group is also working closely with local attorney
Gregory Arabian, an Armenian American community leader, who is
preparing oral histories of the lives of Armenian American World
War II and Korean War veterans.