Author: R.Agayev

TREND Information, Azerbaijan
Nov 30 2006

Within the closing of the Armenian Year in Russia, the concert of the
"Voice of Artsakh" group will take place in Moscow International Music
Home. The Azerbaijani diplomats take all steps to prevent the next
Armenian provocation, Trend Special Correspondent in Moscow reports
with reference to the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia. The Azerbaijani
Embassy has forwarded a protest note to the Russian Foreign Ministry,
after which the Russian diplomats have orally assured the Azerbaijani
side that the concert will not take place.

Although the posters of "Voice of Artsakh" still remain in Moscow,
the announcement has been deleted from several Armenian websites.

Irrespective of the oral assurance of the Russian diplomats and the
efforts of the Azerbaijani Embassy, the tickets for the concert of
"Voice of Artsakh" are sold in the box offices of the Music Home. The
personnel of the Music Home told Trend that they have been told
nothing about the cancellation of the concert and the tickets for
the concert are still on sale. For assurance, we purchased a ticked,
in which it was written that the concert of "Voice of Artsakh" will
take place in Moscow International Music Home on December 4, at 19:00.

In relation with this, the International Fund "Karabakh" and the
activists of the Coordination Center of the Azerbaijani Youths appealed
to the Prefecture of the Central Administrative District of Moscow
for conducting a picket in front of the building of the music Home. A
protest action against the Armenian provocation will take place in
front of the Moscow International Music Home on December 4.

The appeal says that "We consider the performance of this group
impossible, because they will represent unrecognized separatist
regime of Nagorno-Karabakh, and the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic"". The goal of the rally is to protest against and prevent
the next provocation of Armenia directed against not only Azerbaijan
and Azeri people, but also against Russia whose official position
includes supporting and recognizing the territorial integrity of
Azerbaijan. The "Voice of Artsakh" group can not perform on behalf
of the unrecognized republic in the territory of Russian Federation.

Armenian occupied 20% of Azerbaijan. They have committed large
scale aggression acts, held ethnical cleansing against the Azeri
people and turned more than 1 million Azerbaijanis into refugees and
internally displaced persons. Exactly through the support of Armenia,
occupant regime of terrorists and extremists has been created in the
occupied Azerbaijani territories and they want to present themselves
as "independent republic" which has not received international
recognition. These facts have been repeatedly confirmed by the
Russian senior officials. However, certain forces within the country
try to break the centuries-old, good-neighborhood and fraternal
relations between Azerbaijan and Russia through provocations and
inadmissible actions. The protest action will take place under the
following slogans: "Russia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners!",
"Russian and Azerbaijani peoples are fraternal peoples!", "Russian
and Azerbaijani peoples are against all separatists, extremists,
bandits and terrorists!", "Armenian separatists do not differ
from others", "Karabakh is Azerbaijan territory!", "Armenia is an