18:40 29/11/06

The public TV is 50 and radio is 80 years old and the radio TV
management wanted to make a gift on the anniversary. "In a month
or two, public radio station will end its technical upgrading. The
public TV will also finish its technical upgrading and repair works
in summer. It is very important because it is not possible to create a
new TV station with old equipment," Alexan Harutunyan, board chairman
of radio - TV company said.

Speaking about content, the board chairman said soap operas will be
considerably cut short. New political programs are expected. Also,
program with international format will be increased, like My Right
program or 100 Options.

Speaking about the parliamentary elections, Harutunyan, said they
will do everything to deserve a "very good" mark by OSCE and EU

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress