[05:55 pm] 29 November, 2006

more images "Where there is fight against violence, my sword is
there", said Commander Andranik. Today his sword fighting against
violence turned into a museum exhibit by the hand of Defense Minister
Serge Sargsyan.

The Defense Minister, accompanied by the majority of the Republican
party, the NA deputy speaker and the heads of factions, handed the
Commander's sword and his awards to the Museum of History today. He
mentioned that he bought them this year, "An Armenian citizen of
France turned to me and said that an Englishman wants to sell these
items. Naturally, I was quick to react. I reported the President and
received his approval bought the items immediately".

"If we didn't do it, there would be at least 50 people who would
do it", the Defense Minister said. He added that the relics of our
great ancestors must be gathered in Armenia, AS for the question if
the sword has been examined or not, Serge Sargsyan said it is up to
the scientists to carry out an investigation.

Manager of the museum Anechka Grigoryan thanked the Defense Ministers
saying that these items made the museum even richer.