Lragir, Armenia
Nov 30 2006

"The political situation in Armenia is highly complicated. The reason
is the collapse of the coalition, as well as the possibilities of
the Bargavach Hayastan Party and the calls of the opposition for
unification. For us, fair elections are important of all. Karabakh
needs a strong government in Armenia, and a strong government is the
one which is supported by the majority of people before and after the
election," said Gagik Petrosyan, a member of the Azat Hayrenik Party
of NKR. "Armenia is really in the mode of parliamentary election, but
this does not mean that extraordinary developments are expected. I
think the opposition is confused, and the government's actions are
clear and determined. I think there will be no essential change in
the political life of Armenia after the parliamentary election. My
impression is that maybe a more liberal, perhaps a clearly pro-west
force will enter the parliament, but it will be opposition.

As to the possible shake-up in the political life of Armenia and the
hint at the prospect of settlement of the Karabakh conflict, I think
it is time that the Armenian public shake off the prejudiced complex
about the role of an individual or a political force in establishing
dignified peace," says Vahram Atanesyan, the leader of the Democratic