ARKA News Agency, Armenia
Nov 30 2006


YEREVAN, November 30. /ARKA/. Armenian Prime Minister Andranik
Margaryan does not single out the gas sphere as the cornerstone of
the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership.
"The definition of bilateral relations as strategic partnership
testifies to a most high level of relations in almost all spheres,"
Margaryan stated in his interview to the Russian "Komersant"
According to him, the bilateral strategic partnership is based on
close cooperation in the political, military, economic, technical and
humanitarian spheres, common view of global development, a high level
of coordination in the international arena and observation of
national interests.
"I would not like to single out the gas sphere as the cornerstone of
our strategic partnership. Gas is only one sphere of our energy
cooperation," Margaryan said.
"We are effectively cooperating in the sphere of atomic, thermal and
hydro energy. Russia has its own reason for raising gas prices. At
the same time, our strategic partnership must be secured against the
current political and economic situation and proceed from the logic
of long-term cooperation," Margaryan said.
As to whether the Iran-Armenia gas main will be place under Gasprom's
control and how soon, Margaryan pointed out that the construction has
not yet been completed.
"Armenia and Iran have for a long time been successfully cooperating
in the energy sphere, and the Iran-Armenia gas main is one of the key
bilateral energy projects. It is under construction, and the first
section, Meghri-Kajaran, will shortly be opened," Margaryan said.
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