Hurriyet, Turkey
Dec 1 2006

Extra security precautions for Pope disrupt daily life in Istanbul

Istanbul's Chief of Police, Celalettin Cerrah, commented yesterday on
the disruption to Istanbul residents' daily life resulting from the
extraordinary security preacautions taken due to the papal visit this
week, noting "In every country in the world, there are precautions
taken when such visitors arrive. Istanbul's residents are sensitive
to this fact."

Walking to work

Yesterday morning, due to the closures of the very central Istanbul
boulevards of Halaskargazi, Cumhuriyet and Tarlabasi in order to
allow the passage of the papal convoy, thousands of people reached
their homes and work places on foot.

Close control

Pope Benedict XVI arrived at the Vatican residence on Harbiye's Olcek
Sokak only after close control and careful searches of homes and
businesses in the surrounding area.

Municipality street cleaners out in force

Street cleaners working for the Sisli Municipality swept through the
area around the Pope's residence prior to his arrival, cleaning and
gathering all of the leaves which had fallen from the trees.

Sharp shooters on the rooves

Sharp shooters were placed by security forces on the rooves of
buildings surrounding the Armenian Patriarchate yesterday, with
additional security support provided by a police helicopter from