15:51 30/11/06


In a regular event of Internews today the organizers
had to submit a concept paper on TV and radio
broadcast legal regulation to TV station company
heads. Only two companies were present at the event,
Shant and Yerkir Media. It seems that the company
heads must have been interested in the concept paper
which Internews developed after winning a grant. `May
be they are not very interested in the issue,' David
Sandukhchyan, Internews legal department head, said.

`All TV companies must be treated equally,'
Sandukhchyan said presenting the concept paper. He
also said national committee on TV and radio must be
independent both financially and in terms of
management up to the maximum.

The two TV company heads, present at the event, were
concerned with the provision in the concept paper
which says no limits must be imposed on the number of
companies that may emerge. `We serve a bad lesson to
the Armenian TV broadcast by that. Times have passed
when TV companies may operate based solely on video
recordings. Year by year their number must be reduced
by imposing requirements on them,' Yerkir Media
company head says.

The head of Shant TV company, Arthur Yezekyan, said no
limitations must be put on advertising. He was
interestingly amazed why some people want to restrict
the promotion of alcohol. `There was never alcohol
dependency in Armenia,' he said. It's interesting if
he ever knows the level of influence TV has on
people's minds.

The concept paper will be submitted to government
after it is discussed with other interested TV
companies. /