President Kocharian addresses the nation on New Year's Eve
01.01.2007 00:17

Addressing the nation on New Year's Eve, RA President Robert Kocharian
said in particular:

`Dear compatriots,

In a few minutes we'll say good bye to the year 2006. It was peaceful
and productive. The country went on to develop steadily. Due to this,
next year the state budget will considerably increase. Therefore, the
salaries and pensions will also rise. We intend to accomplish a number
of social programs, which will be targeted at the improvement of
quality of life.

This year with due luxury we celebrated the 15th anniversary of
Armenia. >From the height of the past way the achievements of the
country are obvious, more precise are the future deeds. In 2007 we
shall celebrate the 15th anniversaries of formation of the Armenian
Army and liberation of Shushi. According to tradition, Armenians will
raise their glasses to the Armenian Army. I wish good service to
servicemen who welcome the New Year in military divisions and bow
before the memory of the dead.

Last year Armenia's international involvement increased. The relations
with Russia became significant for the conduct of the Year of Armenia
in Russia. An active political dialogue was launched, the economic
ties turned more active, a rich cultural program was accomplished. The
visit of the French President Jacques Chirac and Charles Aznavour's
unforgettable concert marked the start of the Year of Armenia in

The Action Plan of the European Neighborhood Policy was adopted. The
accomplishment of the Millennium Challenge Program started together
with the US Government. These provide new opportunities for the
country's development. Soon the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline will be pt
into commission. A number of new important energy programs are
envisaged with Iran.

The negotiations on Karabakh also continued. In the result of these
the de facto existence of Nagorno Karabakh and the right of Artsakhi
people to live free and safe should be determined. Te resolute stance
of the Artsakhi people was once again reflected in the Constitutional

The past year was significant also for the Armenia-Diaspora
relations. The third forum was held in Yerevan, which mainly focused
on rural development programs. I'm confident that the result of it
will be felt in the nearest future. The Telethon of the `Hayastan'
All-Armenian Fund was held with great inspiration. Tens of thousands
families made their contribution to the development of Artsakh.

Dear compatriots,

We are entering the next year with resoluteness to continue the
reforms. Among these the most important are the formation of fair
competitive field, provision of an effective judicial-legal system,
the fight against corruption. Consistent work is the guarantee of

In 2007 parliamentary elections are expected. I'm sure these will be
held on a proper level. Conduct of free and fair elections should be a
priority for every of us.

Dear compatriots from Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora,

I wish you a Happy New Year. May 2007 be a year of health, joy and
prosperity for your families. Let the New Year bring success and
happiness to your homes.

Happy New Year!'