The message of the Catholicos of All Armenians Garein II on New Year's Eve
31.12.2006 00:13

Dear pious people,

>From the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin we greet you who are in
Armenia and Diaspora blessing you with Father's love.

We are on the threshold of the New Year when we throw a glance back to
the passing year hoping for the better in the future.

At this moment we deliver our prayer of gratitude to the Lord for
granting us with the opportunity of creating our life in peace and
moving forward towards new achievements on the welfare of our sacred

We passed the year 2006 with the hope for joint and prosperous future
for all Armenians. With the help of God we overcame all the
difficulties and temptations, we achieved great summits and we must
still pass a long way towards the welfare we have dreamed for many
centuries and we must spare no efforts to make that dream come
true. The successes we registered in Armenia and Diaspora became
possible through the joint and hard efforts, as well as deep and
sincere love of our people towards the Motherland. With great
inspiration we celebrated the 15th jubilee of the Independence of
Armenia and Artsakh. The ` Armenia-Diaspora' Conference was held in
our Motherland, the festive events were held in Russia and France
devoted to Armenia, series of serious and constructive plans and
projects were brought to life. The people of Atrsakh held the
Referendum of Nagorno Karabakh with deep belief and confidence.

The year 2006 was also significant for our Church. Many reconstructed
and newly built churches opened their doors before all Armenians in
and abroad. The cooperation with Sister Churches was also efficient
aimed at establishing peace and love among the peoples of the world.

Glory to the Lord, who endowed us with hope and belief for the best.
The new Year is coming so let us take and create only the best, the
pleasant and perfect and make the life as nice as possible with the
help and the good will of our Father.

At this sacred moment of New Year eve we deliver our prayer to the God
for our compatriots spread all over the world and to the soldiers
serving in the Armenian Army. We deliver the prayer for the sick and
prey to God to bestow them with health and patience.

Dearest religious and pious compatriots,

Let the belief be stable and powerful in our hearts, and let all our
activities be brought to life successfully for God's sake and for the
sake of our Motherland and Saint Chrch. God bless us, our country and
the world and let the New Year be a year of happiness, prosperity and

Happy New Year!