Gita Elibekyan

01.12.2008 17:15

The information that a strong earthquake is expected in Armenia does
not correspond to reality. Director of the National Survey for Seismic
Protection of Armenia Alvaro Antonyan told a press conference today
that the NSSP has a national observation network, which keeps track
of 40 parameters with the help of 150 stations. Using the most modern
means of transferring information, i.e. satellite, radio and digital
communication, the data is transferred to the center, analyzed and
the existing seismic danger is assessed.

The reason of the panic, according to Alvaro Antonyaн, was the speech
of one of the NSSP experts, who noted that their radon-measuring
stations indicate that thevolume of radon gas in the Earth crust
is more than it should be, which is viewed as a sign of seismic
events. "Almost every year people spread such information in this
season, because the day of Spitak earthquake is nearing, people start
talking about it, recall the events on 1988 and start making comments.

"We have more than 20 radon measuring units, which indicate that
there are no anomalies, and we assess the situation deriving from
that data. No country in the world manages to predict the date,
location and time of earthquakes. At the best, we can assess the
current seismic danger," Alvaro Antonyan added.