Karine Ter-Sahakyan

29.11.2008 GMT+04:00

With his latest statement the Azerbaijani President came close to
Mikhail Saakashvili. The only difference is that in preserving his
power Aliyev will be supported by Islamic countries, instead of
the West.

Judging by the renewed bellicose statements of the Azerbaijani
President, internal political situation in the country is far from the
bright image that the clan of Aliyevs is presenting to the world. The
great drop in prices of oil has already found a reflection in the
Azeri press, which is "carefully" hinting that the world crisis has
had its say also on Azerbaijan. The flow of petrodollars is already
thinning into a narrow stream and, as a result, the poor society of
Azerbaijan is finally slipping into a precipice. It is only Baku that
is prospering, while the rest of Azerbaijan can see no bright spot
in their hard lives.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Thus, people must once more be entrapped into a war,
and it must be done on international level. In his interview with RAI
International Italian-language channel, Ilham Aliyev stated that "The
Moscow declaration on the Karabakh problem does not deprive Baku of the
right to settle this conflict by way of force. This declaration does
not include any commitment, preventing Azerbaijan from the forced way
and therefore, hoping for a political settlement, we must at the same
time be ready for taking any kind of measures including use of force,
which has never been and is not inadmissible". As a matter of fact,
Azeri politicians have never been able to adequately perceive the
reality. The only exception used to be Heydar Aliyev, who did his
best to keep his son from a destructive war. However, the son went
dizzy with dithyrambs and luxurious life, though he used to have the
latter even as a child. But it happens: people are born either poor or
rich. You can be poor with a million and rich without a penny in your
pocket. Apparently, Ilham Aliyev belongs to the first group. But, be
that as it may, with his latest statement the Azerbaijani President
came close to Mikhail Saakashvili. The only difference is that in
preserving his power Saakashvili relied on the West, while Aliyev will
be supported by Islamic countries, whose influence in Azerbaijan has
been rapidly growing. It may even so happen that Ankara turns its
back on Baku, in spite of today's pledges of friendship and mutual
support. And the Islamic factor, or to be more exact the Wahhabi
one, is growing more and more influential in Azerbaijan. Moreover,
according to observations by Azeri conflict analyst Arif Yunusov,
"Adherents of radical Islam are not only the poor or the unemployed,
but also a great number of young people with European education."

In Yunusov's words, "The Azerbaijani public is disappointed in the
United States, Israel and in western countries in general, so burning
of the U.S. or Israeli flag doesn't make a stir. There are three trends
in the Azeri society: pro-western, pro-Russian and pro-Islamic. The
most serious factor is political Islam, which appears as a power
capable to regain Karabakh. Islamists also say that the world
powers will come, pump out all Azeri oil and then leave Azerbaijan
to the mercy of fate. There is also a sense of helplessness before
Russia. Both the USA and the West make nothing for our country except
for declaratory statements. So, European Union is Azerbaijan's last
hope and it can help resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict,"
declared Yunusov at an international conference in Yerevan.

The clan of Aliyevs perfectly realizes that if the nation's rage
is not shifted to a favourable direction, it can easily "wipe out"
the Government. The Azerbaijani society is gradually coming to the
critical boiling point, and repeatedly mentioning about the enemy,
whose image has been so faithfully and keenly cherished for 70
years, can at least temporarily attract the Azeri people who hang
themselves, shoot themselves, and in despair kill their relatives and
friends. Moreover, Azerbaijani authorities continue falsifications and
lies on the bones of thousands of Lezghins and Tats, who in 1918-1919
were killed by Musavatists in the Kubin district of South Lezghistan
that now forms part of Azerbaijan.

According to Information Agency "Khabal" the Azerbaijani authorities
have launched excavations in the sites where, consistent with
Azerbaijani archive documents, mass burials of the Lezghins are to
have taken place. "In order to deny their contribution in the killings
of local peaceful people, the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences decided
to shift the blame on ... Armenians..., what could be expected if we
take into account the stupid anti-Armenian propaganda in the country,"
the agency reports.

Thus, the war "till final victory" is still ahead. Besides the
Armenians, Lezghins, and Tats, there are also the Talishes, Udins,
and other national minorities, who are subject to Â"azerbaijanizationÂ"
or extermination. Psychology of nomads is not capable of anything else.