Azat Artsakh Daily
22 Dec 08
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]

On 20 December NKR President Bako Sahakyan partook at a solemn event
dedicated to the Day of the serviceman of the National Security
Service. The Head of the State delivered a congratulatory address
to the staff of the service. In his speech the President said the
following: "Dear servicemen of the National Security Service, I
cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday.

I am personally aware of the difficulties your work deals with. The
honorable mission of providing security to the country and its
people, maintaining the constitutional defending state interests in
a comprehensive manner is vested in you as servicemen of the National
Security Service.

This ultimately responsible work demands high professionalism,
adherence to principles of high morale and human qualities, the
sense of civic duty. Every day and every hour you must be implicitly
guided by the letter of the law, by the principles of justice and
impartiality, fully realize out functions assigned to you by the law,
carry out your duties with absolute devotion, honestly and fairly. This
is the only way to live up to the high reputation of this structure,
enjoy public respect and trust. To further advance the efficienc y of
the structure's activity it is necessary establish close cooperation
with other organs and structures, carry out continuous efforts in
deepening and strengthening corresponding interconnections.

I am confident the staff of the National Security Service possesses
corresponding potential to solve assigned tasks with dignity. The
State in its turn will keep in the spotlight the issues of logistical
support, amelioration of social and working conditions and as
well as raising the levels of professional qualification of the
servicemen. Special attention will be paid to solving problems the
families of your colleagues perished for the freedom of the Motherland
face. Dear participants, I congratulate you once again and wish you
peace, good health and success for the sake of further strengthening
security and independent statehood of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic".