25.12.2008 11:55

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is marking its anniversary in
many places all over the world. The 118th anniversary of the ARF and
the 90th anniversary of the First Armenian Republic were celebrated
at Yerevan's Gabriel Sundukian Theater on December 24. A documentary
on the ARF's history was screened during the event.

ARF Bureau representative Hrant Margarian said that during the 118
years, there were many changes in the approaches of Dashnaktsutyun,
but one thing is unchanged: "the dedication to the people."

The keynote speaker, ARF Supreme body of Armenia representative Armen
Rustamian spoke chiefly about the party's activities in the past
year. He said that past year will be remembered as a very active
political year: presidential election, the shameful and tragic
events of March 1, a new political coalition and government, war in
our region, Armenian-Turkish communication after years of turmoil,
activeness in Karabakh talks, the world crisis.

"Realizing the seriousness of the challenges that the country is
facing, we participated in the presidential election with a goal
to create a civilized ideological and political competition, to
contribute to the fact that with the election of a new president,
the county would enter a stage of stable growth, avoiding turmoil,"
Armen Rustamian said. He added that the people, unfortunately, did not
accept the Dashnaktsutyun alternative and chose to make an election
between the old and the present. This resulted in turmoil.

Rustamian also spoke of the Armenian-Turkish relations, the Karabakh
conflict and other issues of concern for the Dashnaktsutyun.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress