Azerbaijan to produce air bombs, drones ews_id-81
30-12-2008 04:16:42

Azerbaijan will launch production of air bombs in the coming years,
with special technology being delivered from Pakistan for the purpose,
Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov has said.
Jamalov told ANS TV channel that the country`s military power already
has the capability for the manufacturing of intelligence drones.
Moreover, Azerbaijan will produce ammunition for tanks and artillery
"We have scheduled manufacturing of drones for 2009¦At the same time,
we have tackled modernization of the infantry combat machines and
armored vehicles."
The minister noted that by 2016 at the latest, Azerbaijan-made military
helicopters would be available. This work has not yet begun as it is
not commercially viable at this point.
Next year, the Ministry of Defense Industry will also begin
manufacturing military machinery of the MATADOR (Man-portable
Anti-Tank, Anti-DooR) type and Marauder bombers, which were presented
to the commander-in-chief, President Ilham Aliyev, at the opening of
the Alov plant this summer. An agreement regarding the project has been
signed with a South African spare parts manufacturer.
According to Jamalov, Azerbaijan is also in talks with Turkish
companies operating in the defense industry field on ways of further
increasing the country`s military power.
Jamalov said that since the weaponry produced by Azerbaij
an fully meets
international standards, the country would, beginning now, join
military exhibitions not as a visitor, but as a participant. Azerbaijan
will be represented for the first time at an exhibition to be held in
Turkey in 2009.
Also, the Ministry of Defense Industry intends to open new military
enterprises not only in Baku, but also in Ganja, Khachmaz and
Nakhchivan in the next two years.
Azerbaijan currently produces 444 types of military products. 141
million manats ($174 million) had been allocated from the state budget
for the defense industry in 2008, and the figure is expected to
increase next year.
Azerbaijan`s military budget was set at over $2.4bn in 2009, up from
$2bn in 2008.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress