Nov 30 2009

Serzh Sargsyan's attacks against Levon Ter-Petrosyan are evidence of
his intention to make unacceptable concessions on Nagorno-Karabakh,"
Vladimir Karapetyan, Head of the Foreign Relations Commission,
Armenian National Congress, told, commenting on the RA
President's accusations against Ter-Petrosyan at the recent congress
of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

In his speech, the Armenian leader stated that he is accused by the
people "who would like to see Nagorno-Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan."

At his meeting with journalists today, one of the active RPA members,
Eduard Sharmazanov, pointed out that Serzh Sargsyan particularly
meant Ter-Petrosyan.

"Those actually yielding Nagorno-Karabakh will be exposed soon, and
the ones that have repudiated the Armenian Genocide are already known.

These are he people that are trying to repudiate the glorious victories
of the 1990s now as well. In 1990s there was no document calling
Nagorno-Karabakh's interests in question, which cannot be said about
the recent period," Karapetyan said. Evidence thereof is the Resolution
of the UN General Assembly of March 13, 2008, and the PACE Resolution
adopted last June, both of which recognize Azerbaijan's territorial
integrity, he said. Karapetyan pointed out that the documents were
adopted after Serzh Sargsyan was elected Armenian President. "He
was a loyal member of the The-Petrosyan team and never voiced his
discontent with the first president's policy," he said.