Nov 30 2009

The director General of the State Archives of Turkey Yusuf Sarinay
reported that the preparatory work is over and they are ready to
receive a historical commission to be formed under the Armenian-Turkish

A Turkish website reports that Yusuf Sarinay pointed out that Turkey
has a 700-year -long history of the Ottoman Empire, which is of
international importance.

"At present the information on over 30 countries is kept in our
archives. We have finished the preparatory work for receiving the
joint historical commission to be set up under the Armenian-Turkish
protocols," Sarinay said. He said that the agency has published
documents on the last years on the Ottoman Empire, including the 258
documents on Armenian riots.

NEWS.am reminds readers that in his interviews with international
media outlets, Turkish President Abdullah Gul repeatedly stated that
Turkey had opened its military archives. He proposed the formation
of a commission of historians and gave assurances that Turkey will
admit any expert opinion. It is noteworthy that the Turkish archives
containing the information on the Ottoman Empire have been examined and
"cleaned out" over recent decades. So, with the best will in the world,
any document on the Armenian Genocide can hardly be found.