Nov 30 2009

On December 1 is the international day of fighting against AIDS. By
the initiation of some NGOs will be organized a peaceful marching
through the streets of Yerevan by involving the young volunteers. For
participating in the marching tomorrow at 16 pm in the park situated
near the Conservatory the young people will put on white clothes
on which will be sawn the red ribbons symbolizing the fight against
HIV/AIDS. In front of the clothes there will be numbers which will
express the number of the people who are infected with HIV/AIDS

Than the marching will move through Sayat Nova Street to Tertyan,
Tumanyan, North Avenue to Republic Square after which the participants
will move to Aznavoure Square.

At 18 pm there will be a screen in front of the Moscow cinema on which
there will be a counter. The volunteers will ask the passers-by to put
multicolor stones into the baskets in order to slow down the speed of
counter. The counter is symbolizing the increasing of the amount of
the people how are infected with HIV in Armenia and the stones will
symbolize the process of decreasing of the people.

During the marching there will be also performances which will last
for 1-2 minutes then the marching will be concluded in the hall of
the Moscow cinema at 19 pm by the presentation of the film called
"Who has never lived".