Nelly Danielyan

01.12.2009 17:10

In February, when the impact of the global economic crisis on Armenian
economy became obvious, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan invited
representatives of importing companies to a meeting and urged them
to establish local production.

The Prime Minister visited the "Original distillery company" today
to assess the implementation of his instructions.

"We want to encourage the local producers, increase the trust of
our consumers in the local production and give preference to local
products at New Year," he said.

Touching upon the issue of counterfeit vodka, Tigran Sargsyan said
he's going to come forth with a legislative initiative, which will
allow state bodies to punish the counterfeiters and prevent the entry
of the dangerous products to the market.

Availing themselves of the opportunity, the reporters asked the Prime
Minister how he had made the decision to join the Republican Party.

"Definitely, I have not taken the decision under the influence of
vodka. We'll refer to the topic later, because I have promised to
invite a press conference at the Government and ask all the questions
reporters are interested in," the Prime Minister said half-serious.