Noyan Tapan
Dec 1, 2009

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 1, NOYAN TAPAN. The Second Armenian Pharmaceutical
Competitiveness Conference was held in Yerevan on December 1 on the
initiative of the USIAD-financed Competitive Armenian Private Sector
(CAPS) Project. Among organisers were RA Ministry of Healthcare,
RA Ministry of Economy, the Scientific Center of Drug and Medical
Technology Expertise, the Union of Medicine Producers and Importers
of Armenia, the National Competitiveness Foundation, and the Armenian
Development Agency.

Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Healthcare
Affairs Ara Babloyan said in his speech that the purpose of the
conference is to discuss the current situation in the sector and its
development prospects. In his words, since the 1990s the sector has
proceeded along a considerable path and with great difficulty it has
become possible to provide the market with domestically made drugs
to a minimum extent. He added that however, the state now must set
itself the goal of providing the population with safe, high-quality
drugs at reasonable prices, and it must also create conditions,
under which locally made drugs would be competitive.

Director of the USAID/Armenia Economic Growth Office David Hull said
that in 2004-2007 Armenia's pharmaceutical sector grew by 51%. The
USAID attaches importance to assistance to the pharmaceutical industry
of Armenia because domestically produced drugs significantly contribute
to availability of the major drugs and their lower prices.

Besides, under the CAPS Project, assistance is being provided in
order to bring the sector into line with international standards
and form a proper legislative field. He underlined the importance of
Armenian drugs being in line with international standards as it will
help enhance the sector's competitiveness and promote exports.