2009-12-01 13:29:00

ArmInfo. VivaCell-MTS announces today that 3 additional Armenian TV
channels are made available over its Mobile TV service: Shogakat,
Yerevan TV and ALM TV channels, VivaCell-MTS press-service told

Currently, VivaCell-MTS' Mobile TV service offers a selection of
15 channels, featuring the mix of sports coverage, music, serials,
entertainment, news bulletins and documentary programmes, and other
programs. Earlier, on November 12th, when VivaCell-MTS announced the
launch of its Mobile TV service in test mode, the service offered
12 channels including H1, H2, Armenia, Yerkir Media, Kentron, Shant,
Hay TV, TV 5, ATV, ArmNews, Ararat TV and Dar 21.

"Empowered by UMTS/HSPA technology, VivaCell-MTS Mobile TV service
enables watching TV programs over the mobile handset as enjoyable
as home TV set. Mobile TV is a a truly transformational technology
changing the way people think and act, adding comfort to our lifestyle,
making it easier. People are given the freedom and control to watch
what they want, where and when they want," commented VivaCell-MTS
General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The impact of Mobile TV extends far beyond cutting-edge technology.

This innovation will bring with it huge social impact. Mobile TV
opens new ways to expand media access. It represents an enjoyable
way of filling free time and also an opportunity of watching
important business, social and political TV programs just on the
move. In addition to being a new trend technology, Mobile TV is
expected to have explosive growth in the future, creating new revenue
opportunities not only for the Company but also for broadcasters and
advertisers. Mobile network will be used to deliver media to consumers
outside their home. Deploying a successful Mobile TV service has much
in common with any other large-scale product and service offered by
VivaCell-MTS. It takes time, technology, team-work, investment and a
clear strategyLeadership is about responsibility: to be dynamic and
responsive to the market demand, in the market we are flexible enough
to quickly adjust to consumer trends and lessons learnt. Mass-market
adoption of every innovative telecommunication solution is a matter
of time; and when it hits, the advantages will go to the industry's
first movers," said Ralph Yirikian.

VivaCell-MTS Mobile TV is launched in test mode and during this period
Mobile TV is open to all without charge. VivaCell-MTS subscribers,
whose have 3G enabled phones, just have to follow links
or from their phone browser to enjoy popular programs
broadcasted by Armenian TV channels.