Azerbaijan supports Serbia's position in International Court of
Justice on legality of Kosovo's independence

03 Dec 2009 19:53

Baku. Lachin Sultanova - APA. Ambassador Agshin Mehdiyev, the
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United
Nations has today addressed the hearings in the International Court of
Justice on the legality of Kosovo's independence declaration.

APA reports Agshin Mehdiyev stated that official Baku supports
Serbia's position in this issue. The ambassador noted that a land
declared its separation contrary to domestic laws of the country
cannot be accepted as a state. Along with Azerbaijan, representative
of Belarus Yelena Gritsenko also supported Serbia. Unlike them,
Austrian representative underlined that Kosovo's declaration its
independence is not contrary to international law.

Note that each country has 45 minutes to express its position.
Representatives of Albania, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Argentina
addressed the hearings on December 1. Russia and the US will express
their positions on December 8.

The hearing will last till December 11. Representatives of 30
countries are expected to attend the hearing. Representatives of
Serbia and Kosovo were heard yesterday. Belgrade's representative said
the declaration of independence by the provisional institutions of
self-government of Kosovo contradicts the international law. Kosovo's
representative regarded the adoption of the declaration of
independence as the determination of Kosovo's final status.

`The adoption of the declaration is the act to realize people's right
of self-determination.'