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Dec 30 2009

Azerbaijani deputies believe that society and army are ready for war
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Gultekin Hajibeyli Azerbaijani society should be more active in the
settlement of the Karabakh conflict should be ready for war anytime,
MP Gultekin Hajibeyli.

The agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkey to provide military
assistance makes it possible to supply Baku with ammunition, military
equipment and manpower during the liberation of Nagorno Karabakh and
the military action.

This statement was made by the Azerbaijani deputies. They feel that
the society and the army are ready for war.

"The Azerbaijani society should be more active in the settlement of
the Karabakh conflict should be ready for war anytime", said deputy
Gultekin Hajibeyli.

According to her, OSCE Minsk Group's attempts to resolve the conflict
peacefully have been ineffective making opinions about conflict
settlement by way of war frequent.As an example, she cited the
security agreement on free military assistance, signed between the
Azerbaijani president and the Turkish side.

"Certainly, if Azerbaijan launches anti-terror operations for the
liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh and other occupied territories, Turkey
will be first to support us. Turkey can provide Azerbaijan with
ammunition, military equipment and manpower if necessary', noted
Gultekin Hajibeyli.

MP Malahat Ibragimgizi noted that the agreement in connection with the
free military aid once again shows that the Azerbaijani leadership has
already developed a serious plan towards the settlement of the
conflict and has taken significant steps for implementing the plan.
According to the deputy, if Azerbaijan chooses the military way to
resolve the Karabakh problem, Turkey is ready to grant military
assistance and would do so. The year of 1918 is a bright example of
that. The same can naturally be attributed to Azerbaijan.

"The expansion of economic opportunities and changes in social
conditions in the country have removed the factors that led to
Azerbaijan's defeat in the 90th years. From this perspective, the
society is ready to release the territory by military means", said
deputy Zahid Oruj.

Vahid Ahmedov noted that due to the fact that the OSCE Minsk Group has
not taken concrete steps, the President of Azerbaijan will have to
choose the military way.

"Both the authorities in Azerbaijan and the opposition believe that
the territory should be freed. If that cannot be done peaceful, the
war is inevitable. I believe that sooner or later Azerbaijan will free
territory through war because peace talks are inconclusive. Such a
state as Palestine has been at war for 50 years and this war involves
superpowers but no results are seen", said Vahid Ahmedov.

In his recent statement President Ilham Aliyev urged the Azerbaijani
army and society to be ready to liberate the territories at any