T. Hajiyev

Trend News Agency
Nov 30 2010

Azerbaijani MP Aydin Mirzazade considers that the book about Azerbaijan
by Turgut Er was ordered by some individuals.

"I can not take it as an initiative and one person's activity. The fact
is that writing, time, efforts and energy, publication of the book,
its representation in the Azerbaijani press require time and a lot
of money. The individuals, standing behind Turgut Er, are interested
in it, " he told Trend.

Some extracts from the book "From freedom to tyranny" by Turgut Er,
former Turkish diplomat who worked in Azerbaijan, were published in
Azadliq newspaper.

"They find a person capable to do dirty work. They give him some
instructions and wait for the results. In any case, while reading
the book everyone will see that it was written with the intent to
destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan and to manipulate public
opinion in Azerbaijan," he said.

He said that the goals set while writing the book fully coincide
with the policy conducted by Armenia and the Armenian nationalists
living abroad. It is meanly to write about the deceased personalities,
he said.

He said that Er, being the press-secretary at the Turkish Embassy in
Azerbaijan, was engaged in any activity except the press.

"Most likely, he wrote an irritable book about Azerbaijan in connection
with his unsuccessful activity in this position. There were always
such attempts against Azerbaijan and they will be. But such actions
will not be able to influence public opinion in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani people will not accept such an approach and the
worthlessness," Mirzazade said.

The book, which extracts were published in "Azadliq" newspaper, did
not cause a resonance in society. It did not increase the circulation
of the newspaper either, he added. The money, spent on this dirty
campaign, was just "wasted", Mirzazade said.

From: A. Papazian