DECEMBER 1, 2010

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 1, ARMENPRESS: Since the opening of ~STatev Wings~T
till now the rope way had 7 thousand visitors, manager of the rope
way Tigran Ghazaryan said today at a news conference, adding that
1500 of the visitors were the residents of the nearby villages.

~SThe interest toward the rope way particularly grows on the rest days.

We are having tourists not only from abroad but from the Armenian
provinces as well,~T he said.

Tigran Ghazaryan noted that technical works bringing the cable way to
the winter regime have been implemented and now the world~Rs longest
cable way can serve several hundreds of visitors a day. He noted that
it works everyday from 9.30 am till 7 pm.

~SPreviously for reaching to Halidzor from Tatev we needed 3-4 times
more time, now the passengers have an opportunity to save their
time,~T he said.

Head of the National Competitiveness Foundation~Rs tourism department
Suzanna Azoyan said in 2009 over 3000 tourists visited Tatev and from
October of the running year over 7000. ~SI think the growth is obvious.

We have spent huge means for advertising the rope way,~T he said,
adding that the government has provided 28 million AMD to the
Foundation for international coverage about the cable way. ~SIt has
never been so much spoken and written about Armenia as a tourism
center. The publications about the ~STatev Wings~T found place in
Financial Times and Sunday Times,~T he said, adding that December
9-18 a large group of US reporters will visit Tatev.

From: A. Papazian