Dec 2 2010

Preparations have started for 1st assembly of Azerbaijan-Turkey
High-Level Cooperation Council, said Turkish envoy to Azerbaijan
Hulusi Kilic said.

To him, the preparations started last week. The delegation led by
Turkey~Rs Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will arrive in Azerbaijan
to attend the council~Rs assembly.

According to the Ambassador, date of the assembly has not been
specified yet.


'I don~Rt think that materials published on WikiLeaks will
negatively effect on Azerbaijan-Turkey cooperation', Hulusi Kilic
told journalists.

The ambassador said the Turkish officials were making sincere
statements and they were expressing their ideas sincerely in

'Why it should damage the relations? We have healthy relations. We
don~Rt establish our relationship on the basis of rumors or press.

Turkey always supported Azerbaijan like in 1918 or 1991. Such
statements can not damage the relations'.

Hulusi Kilic said he had no details about the OSCE Astana Summit,
but noted that the Turkish officials held series of meetings and
discussions before the summit.

'We see that. There is injustice situation in the region. Armenia
continues the occupation. We want stability in the region and therefore
we want soonest solution to Nagorno Karabakh conflict'.

Responding the question about the Turkey~Rs support if Azerbaijan uses
other means to secure its territorial integrity: 'Turkey was always
together with Azerbaijan. Turkish leaders expressed their support to
Azerbaijan everywhere. Nagorno Karabakh is very important issue and
we will always be with Azerbaijan'.

The ambassador said Turkey has not opened its borders with Armenia
for that reason so far.

Turgut Er~Rs publications are not a position of Turkish state

'I don~Rt know Turgut Er and I haven~Rt read his book', Turkish
ambassador to Azerbaijan told journalists.

Speaking about the Turgut Er~Rs 'From Tyranny to Power', the ambassador
said he got information about the book in Azerbaijani press.

'Heydar Aliyev is a great leader, a man of genius recognized by all
over the world. It is not in favor of anyone to write such things
about the great leader. All of these publications are about Turgut Er.

There are 73 million people in Turkey and he is one of them. His
publications are not official views of Turkey. Everyone in Turkey
appreciated the great leader~Rs work and knows about his rise in
Soviet period. There is freedom of expression in Turkey. Turkish
people notice all of these. I don~Rt know is it possible to prevent
such publications or not. It is difficult for me. The Turkish press
is free and they criticize the prime minister and president as well'.

From: A. Papazian