2010-12-03 17:43:00

ArmInfo. Despite the mass public protests, uranium project implementers
in Armenia after all proceeded to drillings for uranium prospecting
and they started drilling a well of 140 m just above Lernadzor Village,
EcoLur says.

According to Ruben Yadoyan, an outstanding specialist in geological
prospecting and PhD in Geological-Mineralogical Sciences,
if prospecting is a success and geologists will detect uranium
accumulation, in case of in-depth investigation circulation water may
intake new and new portions of radiation. Geo prospecting is over,
and what should be done with this radioactive water? One should
take into consideration that in case of uranium, if only geological
prospecting is conducted, security must be at the highest level
possible. But whether these security measures are applied in the
Armenian experience, this is the question," said Yadoyan.

To recall, the Armenian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
states that all the prospecting operations are safe, as the samples
will be taken at the depth of no more than 15 cm. At the same time,
the State Committee on Radiation Security states that radiation
background in Lernadzor is within standards. Local employees check
radiation background with dosimeters that show 40 mille roentgen. They
were persuaded this is not terrible for Armenia and we are able to
survive in case of such radiation. People try to protect themselves,
but they are imposed heavy measures. Lernadzor villagers keep on
talking about migration more and more frequently.

Unfortunately, responsible persons keep silence about the risks of
migration from Syunik. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,
as owner of 50% of shares of Armenian-Russian Ore Mining Organization
CJSC, has assumed the commitments on ensuring safety of the uranium

From: A. Papazian