WikiLeaks: `Aliyev told that elections in Iran were falsified'
Monday,November 29, 2010

In the documents of the US State Department published by the
`WikiLeaks' still appear new disgraceful expressions left behind the
political veil and interpretations made by the Azerbaijani President
Ilham Aliev.

The President added that Azerbaijan will not reciprocate on the
liberalization of the visa regime with Iran. He also noted that
Azerbaijan is planning to create a TV channel in Persian that will
broadcast into Iran. He said that he did not understand why the
Supreme Religious Leader chose Ahmadinejad over former President
Moussavi. He joked that perhaps it was too dangerous to have two
ethnic Azeris at the head of the Iranian state. He said that the
election fraud was outrageous, with Ahmadinejad winning in
Azeri-dominated Tabriz and Moussavi winning in Tehran, where it was
harder to falsify the vote. He viewed the situation as very tense
within Iran and believed it could erupt at any time.

From: A. Papazian