David Hakobyan to run for parliament through party list
29.11.2010 16:35

Hasmik Dilanyan

Marxist David Hakobyan has declared today that he is going to
participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections through party
list proportional representation system.

The leader of the Marxist Party expressed his concern regarding the
proposed changes in the Electoral Code and presented his own concrete
proposals, which envisages establishment of a differentiated electoral
system and changes in the election procedure.

David Hakobyan suggests adopting a harsh policy towards the passive
electorate. `Those citizens, who do not participate in the elections,
should be fined or deprived of their citizenship until the next
elections as it is the case in Italy,' David Hakonbyan said.

`In case of presidential elections, the state official should leave
his post a year before the elections,' he added.

From: A. Papazian