Dec 6 2010

The activities of the Monitoring Commission on the March 1-2 2008
events are evidence that the authorities go on violating fundamental
human rights and act against democracy, Artsvik Minasyan, an MP of
the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D), stated
in Parliament, commenting on the report prepared by the Parliamentary
Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs.

"We have a report which cannot be described as anything but glossed
over," he said.

"What has been done during this period? Nothing but a number of
technical points. The report contains mere formal answers to the
questions. Your monitoring and reforms are anti-democratic and
anti-social," Minasyan said. "If you plans to implement the PACE
resolution this way, it should be noted that you will succeed in
doing the opposite - acting against democratic values. By and large,
respecting the Constitution has not become a tradition in our country.

Moreover, your actions show your disrespect for the fundamental law,"
he said.

The implementation of the parliamentary commission's proposals
proves that "our country goes on violating elementary human rights
and follows the way opposite democracy."

Minasyan proposed forming an independent commission to study the
situation after March 1-2 and offer the way out.

From: A. Papazian