Dec 6 2010

The Mother See of Echmiadzin is concerned over the fact that the
khachkars (cross-stones) have been removed from the walls of Surb
Erevum (Holy Epiphany/Theophany) Church and taken to the local history
museum. Through the Georgian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church
(AAA), the Mother See applied to the Vatikan representation in Georgia
for mediation in keeping the church intact.

As to the renovation work at the church, Spokesman for the Mother See
Vahram Mekikyan told that last autumn the Georgian authorities
handed Surb Erevum Church over to the Catholic Church of Vatikan in
Georgia provided it is renovated. The church belonged to the Armenian
Apostolic Church from the 7th to the 18th centuries. Later it belonged
to the catholic Armenian community, he said.

Since the church is the AAC's historical heritage, the AAC
representative in Georgia was assured that all the details evidencing
the Armenian origin of the church will be preserved during the

"We are sure that the relevant authorities of the Catholic Church will
make necessary steps to prevent concerned of the believers," he said.

From: A. Papazian