Dec 6 2010

Despite the endeavors by the Armenian lobby in US, unfortunately,
Turkey still gains the upper hand. Turkish studies expert, Artak
Shakaryan who recently returned from the USA, said at a press

"After visiting the US Congress and think tanks in Washington, where
I tried to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Turkish and
Armenian lobbies, I discovered that the Armenian lobby in the US,
unfortunately, is not as strong. The Turkish lobby is stronger and
broader in scale, not counting the business lobby", he said.

According to him, pro-Turkish analyses and lectures are prepared in
think tanks and universities with Turkish funding and are presented
to the public. So today Ankara has quite an influence on certain
circles in the United States.

Shakaryan noted that after parliamentary elections in 2015, the US
intends to increase pressure on Turkey, as, many in the United States
are disappointed by the Armenian-Turkish rapprochement process.

From: A. Papazian