Armenia: workshop on supporting the families of missing persons opens
in Yerevan

06.12.2010 | 13:33 | | Noyan Tapan | Press realise

Yerevan (ICRC) - A five-day ICRC workshop starting today in Yerevan
will identify the psychological, social, economic and legal needs of
the families of missing persons and share best practices on how to
meet those needs. The workshop brings together relatives of missing
persons, psychologists and lawyers from local NGOs, representatives of
the Council of the Families of Missing Combatants, the Ombudsman's
Office, the ICRC and the Armenian Red Cross Society.

"Uncertainty about the fate of relatives missing through armed
conflict and internal violence is a harsh reality for countless
families. All around the world, people are desperately trying to trace
their missing parents, brothers, sisters, spouses and children.
Families and communities who do not know whether someone is alive or
dead are being deprived of closure and cannot move on from the violent
events that have disrupted their lives," said Melany Vonrospach, an
ICRC protection delegate based in Yerevan.

"The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for us to understand
the multidimensional nature of the missing persons problem," said
Armine Gmyur-Karapetyan, executive director of the Arevamanuk
foundation for families and children. "I am confident that we will be
able to use the knowledge and skills we acquire here in our work with
the families of missing persons."

The ICRC has long supported the Armenian authorities in their efforts
to help the families of missing persons. The organization currently
works with a group of Armenian experts who are drafting a law to
protect the rights of missing persons and their families.

ICRC News Release 6 December 2010

From: A. Papazian