Hurriyet Daily News
Dec 28 2011

Erdogan's recent remarks aims to cool down tensions with France. AA
photo Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called against "bellicose
rhetoric" in rows with countries backing allegations of Armenian
"genocide," stressing that Turkey should debunk the claims with
comprehensive research of historic facts.

Erdoğan's remarks appeared to be aimed at cooling down tensions
with France after the Lower House of its Parliament adopted a bill
criminalizing the denial of Armenian "genocide" last week, prompting
Ankara to recall its ambassador and suspend political and military
cooperation with the EU heavyweight.

"Those who are bothered by Turkey's continuously growing economic,
political and diplomatic power and stability are trying to pressure
Turkey through various methods," Erdoğan said yesterday in a speech at
a gathering of the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council
of Turkey (TUBİTAK).

"Momentary reactions and temporary solutions will not yield results.

Instead of using a populist, bellicose rhetoric and displaying
momentary reactions over the 1915 incidents, which some countries
want to turn into a campaign against Turkey, we must make use of the
guidance of history and science," Erdoğan said.

The prime minister urged researchers to intensify studies of Turkey's
recent history to help refute allegations that Armenians were the
victims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire during World
War I.

"In the face of illegal, racist, separatist and malevolent campaigns
we will only respond with documents, information, archives and the
language and method of science," he said. "As we can see from recent
events, the gap left by science is filled by populist politicians
and racists exploiters.

"We will take into consideration books, archives and scientific
research, not parliamentary votes. The counter-theses that we will
share with the world will be based on solid foundations," Erdoğan
said. "Therefore, I'm especially asking researchers and universities
to please focus your studies on our recent history."

Referring to Turkey's anti-terror struggle, Erdoğan said it should not
rely solely on security measures but also on sociology, psychology,
economy and diplomacy.