November 28, 2012 | 21:18

The director of Innovation Technologies Institute in Ukraine Aleksandr
Udod, in his interview with said that Armenian Diaspora
makes significant contribution in Ukraine's development.

"Armenians have lived in our country from ancient times, the
architectural and historical monuments are evidence to that, including
the ones in Lvov, Crimea and Kiev. Integrated in the Ukrainian society,
Armenians retain their national identity, language, culture, traditions
and customs.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians live in Ukraine today. I can
confidently say that our state has created all the conditions for
education in the native language for Ukrainian citizens and the
representatives of different nationalities. Ministry of Education and
Science, Youth and Sport recommended curriculum 'Armenian language
for grades 1-4' and 'Armenian language for grades 5-9' for the classes
with the study of the Armenian language, which are scheduled to open.

For example, for five years the Armenian Cultural Center of
Altunyan has been active, it was created under the Department of
Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the Kharkov Regional State
Administration. Employees of the Centre are actively involved in the
development of curricula and textbooks in Armenian language.

We are grateful to the teachers, representatives of public
organizations for their cooperation. Hopefully, we will continue to
support all initiatives and proposals aimed at improving the quality of
education of Armenians in Ukraine," the director of the institute said.