14:47, 28 November, 2012

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian church built in the 19th
century in Nakhichevan has not been merely turned into a cattle shed,
but also was introduced as an "Albanian sacred place." The Chairman
of a fund studying Armenian architecture Samvel Karapetyan referred
to the misinformation published in website in his
videoblog. As reports "Armenpress" Samvel Karapetyan stated that in
the picture of the Eurasianet article is depicted St. Gevorg Church
of Dashbulag village, which was entirely Armenian populated before
1918. The church was built in 1823, when "the Albanians" had left
the stage 1000 years ago.

Samvel Karapetyan states: "Azerbaijan paid USD 4, 5 million to import
cows from Germany and Austria, the photographer took the picture of
these cows in Dashbulag, which was entirely Armenian populated before
1918. During Musafat administration the Turkish army massacred all the
Armenians of the aforementioned village on their road to Baku. One
can clearly see in the picture that the church became a cattle shed
without doors. Under the picture there is an inscription saying that
this is an Albanian church. According to Azerbaijani fabrication the
Albanians are their ancestors. Hence, it becomes a monument constructed
by the Turkish Christians, which is being treated as a cattle shed.

But the fact is that the church in Dashbulag was called after St.

Gevorg, built in 1828. Among other things it is noteworthy that there
had been records about the construction works. There is information
about the aforesaid church in "the Albanian Country and its Neighbors"
by Bishop Makar Barkhudaryants."