We suffer from our lazy foreign policy, Heritage party leader Raffi
Hovhannisyan told the reporters today, referring to his recent visit
to Baku.

Upon his return from the Azerbaijani capital, the political figure
stated that in case of other opportunity he will visit Baku again.

Hovhannisyan said Armenia should be present everywhere and be able
to voice its viewpoint. "National interests are not being defended
in national isolation. My step was not a courageous deed, it was
a common step that should always be done. We suffer from our lazy
foreign policy that stems from our inner democratic stance," he said.

The party's leader said the representatives of about 25 countries
present at the event in Baku where listening to Armenia's viewpoint
for the first time.

"Till that they have many times listened to Azerbaijani rhetoric.

After my speech many approached me, expressing their support. In
Azerbaijan thousand people say one thing, here hundred things are
being said. Every person has a right to have own opinion but national
interest should also be taken into consideration. A whole state should
pursue national interests and take the country out of the gap,"
he said, adding that he would be happy to be a participant in the
creation of de jure state.

Raffi Hovhannissyan was in Baku November 21-23 to participate in the
7th international conference of Asian political parties. On November
23 he tried to deliver a speech but faced the hysterical response of
the Azerbaijani delegates.