Thursday, November 29, 20:00

The Stone Symphony, a marvelous nature ensemble in the picturesque
gorge of Garni, is turning into a Jugha cemetery (Jugha used to be
an Armenian town in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhijevan, where
the local authorities demolished a unique historical monument -
the Armenian cemetery consisting of hundreds of cross-stones).

At today's press conference in Yerevan, Samvel Hovhannisyan, an
environmental activist concerned with the demolition of the Stone
Symphony, compared the Stone Symphony with the cemetery of Old Jugha.

He showed the journalists the address to Head of Armenian
Police Vladimir Gasparyan. In their address, the activists demand
investigating the case to find out why the Police of Kotayk region
has taken no steps so far to eradicate the vandalism against
the world famous monument of nature. The activists apply to the
police to investigate the situation and to bring the culprits
to criminal responsibility. Hovhannisyan thinks that the head of
Garni administration covers up the criminals. He also expressed his
bewilderment at the fact that the Armenian authorities have been
considering the issue of provision of a passport to this natural
monument for five years.

Hovhannisyan suggested protecting this area round-the-clock in order to
prevent re-occurrence of the crime. He said that the local residents
sell the stones cut from the Stone Symphony as building materials,
and the "local oligarchs" are proud of the fact that they build
their houses at the expense of destruction of the unique beauty of
nature. "These houses were built after the Government had included
this place of the Stone Symphony in the list of Armenian cultural
and historical monuments", he said.