What Clinton Warns About

Haik Aramyan
12:17 08/12/2012
Story from Lragir.am News:

The U.S. Secretary Clinton who will soon leave her office has
announced that the American government intends to thwart the new
version of the Soviet Union in the form of economic integration.

According to the Financial Times, the next USSR may be named Customs
Union or Eurasian Union. `But let's make no mistake about it. We know
what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to
slow down or prevent it.'

The official press releases on the CIS summit in Ashgabat on December
5 contained general statements without pointing to specific
activities. However, backstage agreements may have been reached which
made Clinton make this statement.

A lot of people say, including Russia's experts, that the new USSR is
Putin's personal ambition which he declared on the eve of the
presidential election. With Russia's complicated political and
economic issues it is Putin's main pre-election trump card in the
absence of other arguments.

It is apparent that no CIS member wishes to participate in the new
USSR because Putin's proposal presupposes certain limitation of the
sovereignty of countries. Even Belarus and Kazakhstan which are
members of the Customs Union do not hurry to politicize the economic
integration. Moreover, these two countries aspire to a similarly
significant role which the president of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev has
stated bluntly.

The other big state, Ukraine, also has reservations regarding the idea
of the USSR under the name of economic integration. By joining the
Customs Union Ukraine may collapse as a state considering its Western
and Russian sections.

Strange though it may seem, the role of Armenia is big. Not so big
that the destiny of the USSR depends on the position of Armenia, but
this position is important both in terms of history and new

Armenia has appeared at the front line of geopolitical developments
where it may play an essential role. The great powers are fighting for

In this situation, on the one hand, the Armenian government gets a
chance for maneuver, and on the other hand, the country is exposed to
dangers stemming from this government and the structure of the
political and economic system of Armenia. In the meantime, the limit
of the system's interest is not known, neither is known the limit of
the Armenian state. Will this system walk towards the Armenian
interest or towards its own interest?

Meanwhile, such concerns are reasonable, considering the pre-election
period and the circumstance that Russia has an immense influence on
the political and economic interest of Armenia. Moscow may use the
so-called main actors of Armenia, finally involving Armenia in the
next USSR.

The Armenian press has reported that on December 3 the RPA joined the
document initiated by Russia's ruling party during the forum on
Eurasian Integration in the 21st century in Saint Petersburg. It will
be followed by ratification of the memorandum in January 2013 which
will mark the start of Armenia's accession to the new USSR.

Hillary Clinton's tough statement is not a caprice of the departing
secretary. Obviously, it is a warning to the leaders of the countries
and it is not ruled out that they had been told about it before
Ashgabat. By the way, Susan Rice who will replace Clinton has
inherited Clinton's foreign political line and will continue her
policy. Armenia does not have a great possibility to maneuver between
different integration projects but it is there. But is the current
political system able to conduct such a policy?