STEPANAKERT, December 20. /ARKA/. Nominal GDP of Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic (NKR) is expected to be 170.7bln drams in 2013, the projected
real growth is 9% respectively, NKR's minister of finance and economy
Spartak Tevosyan said at a parliament sitting in Stepanakert.

Tevosyan said main economic growth projected for the country ranges
between 9% and 11%.

Under the 2013 budget draft, budget receipts are 71bln 263.9mln drams,
expenditures 72bln 36.1bln drams and deficit 722.2mln drams.

Loan to be extended by Armenia to NKR will be 39bln 293.8mln,
Tevosyan said.

Tevosyan mentioned that the budget draft was developed to ensure
further progress and development of whatever had been achieved before.

On the other hand, the bill sets up conditions for realistic reforms
in political, economic and social sectors and in public management,
Tevosyan said.

Tevosyan stressed that the 2013 social and economic policy will mainly
aim at economic development, stable growth rates, improved state system
and defense capacity and appropriate living conditions for everyone.

NKR's GDP is about 152.1bln drams in 2012, a 9% increase against the
year before.

Industrial output will total approx. 41bln drams (2% increase) by the
end of the year. Capital construction output is expected to drop to
39bln drams by the end of 2012, compared to 2011. Agricultural output
will amount to 50bln drams (approx. 25% increase), Tevosyan reported.

The parliament sitting has also discussed state programs on healthcare,
science, sports, measures against drug addiction and drug smuggling,
employment regulation, social security of the disabled and support
to small and medium businesses.

As required by the parliament regulations, the budget discussions
were interrupted for several days and the next sitting was scheduled
for December 26. -0--