Henrikh Mkhitaryan: I have never played for medals and titles

17:16 - 27.12.12

Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has made a Facebook post today
referring to the controversial list of best Armenian sportsmen of the

Mkhitaryan wrote that he has never played for medals or titles and did
everything to be useful for the Armenian team, country and his fans.
`I will continue doing everything to be useful for our team and my
country,' he wrote.

The football player though said he would like the list be formed more
fairly as people worthy to be included in it, have been omitted. `I
think my fans will understand me right and will not think that I have
been saddened for not being included in the list as there are people
worthier than me who have been omitted like for instance the guys of
our chess team who keep high the name of our country and thanks to who
the whole world has been speaking about Armenia for already few
years,' he wrote.

`I am said to have been granted gold chain of the Olympic Committee. I
am asked whether I have received it. I have already said that I am not
in Armenia and have learnt about it from news, but I am not going to
take it as I think I must received the fairly given awards the rest is
not my businesses. As a sportsman I congratulate all the best athletes
of Armenia wishing them health. I wish our athletes achievements in
the coming year to make our people happy,' he wrote.