Approach toward Armenia pushes Turkey and Iran away - Russian
political scientist

November 30, 2013 | 13:00

On the one hand, Turkey and Iran are countries which have grounds for
dissatisfaction and, on the other hand, they aspire to become leaders
in the Muslim world.

CIS Institute Director Konstantin Zatulin told the abovementioned
toArmenian, as he commented on Iranian President Hassan
Rouhani's forthcoming visit to Turkey.

Zatulin added that the Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh issue pushes
Turkey and Iran away from one another because Iran develops friendly
relations with Armenia, whereas Turkey continues its blockade imposed
upon Armenia.

`Hence, in the case when their approach toward Israel brings these
countries closer, their approach toward Armenia, in all probability,
pushes them away [from each other].

`[But] I do not believe that Iran would change its approach toward
Armenia for the sake of some rapprochement with Turkey,' Konstantin
Zatulin concluded.

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