Food dominates consumer basket in Armenia, says NGO chief

15:30 - 30.11.13

Food products account for 56.9% of the consumer basket in Armenia, a
consumer NGO chief has said, citing recent findings by the National
Statistical Service (NSS).

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, President of the Consumer Union NGO
Armen Poghosyan said such statistics indicates the population's low

`The poverty level in the civilized world is estimated in the
following way: if 25% of the means go to food, the population is poor.
In our case, it is 57%. Any estimation suggesting that one person
spends one Dollar a day is a sign of extreme poverty. Here is the
boundary between life and death,' he said.

Poghosyan further complained of the Service's work, noting that it
hasn't yet published its consumer market statistics for the first six
months of 2013. `The existing records are worse than last year, that's
why they aren't making them public yet,' he concluded.

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From: A. Papazian