Voice of Russia
Dec 2 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday is arriving in Armenia on
a state visit. Central streets and squares of the country's capital
Yerevan are decorated with state tricoloured flags of the two countries
that maintain allied relations.

Russia and Armenia are currently tied by close co-operation in the
political, economic, military and humanitarian spheres.

"The volume, depth and level of allied strategic interaction between
Armenia and Russia speak for themselves, but we can and should achieve
more," Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said.

According to him, "such an intensive political dialogue is natural
between countries-allies."

"Armenia and Russia have signed more than 200 treaties and agreements,
the bilateral regulatory framework is being permanently improved,"
the minister said. "In terms of the trade-economic relations Russia
is our number one partner, half of the total foreign investment in
Armenia is made by Russia."

"More than 1,300 enterprises with Russian capital work in our country,"
Nalbandian said. "Economic relations in such spheres as communications,
transport, energy, including nuclear energy, information technology,
the mining industry, agriculture are successfully developing."

"The intergovernmental commission for economic co-operation, the
military-technical co-operation commission, inter-parliamentary
commission are working effectively," the minister said.

"We pay considerable attention to the development of interregional
contacts: all Armenian regions and more than 70 subjects of the
Russian Federation are involved in this work," Nalbandian stressed.

The humanitarian relations are on the rise.

"We intend to continue to exert efforts aimed at further raising
efficiency of foreign political coordination," Nalbandian said. "We
seek to continue fruitful cooperation within the framework of
international organisations based on respect for mutual interests."

Yerevan has great expectations of the country's participation in
Eurasian integration. "Armenia is linked with the Customs Union
countries by thousands of threads, one-third of our exports go to
Russia," Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said at a plenary meeting
on the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in
Strasbourg on October 2.

Putin to pay State visit to Armenia

Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a State visit to Armenia
on Monday, the Kremlin press service reported.

"The tour will begin with the city of Gyumri where Putin together
with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan will visit Russian Military
Base 102, and attend a 3rd Russo-Armenian interregional forum,"
a press service official pointed out.

Then Russia-Armenia talks at summit level will be held in Yerevan.

The agenda includes key items concerning bilateral cooperation,
including that in trade-and-economic, cultural-and-humanitarian fields.

"The sides are expected to exchange views on the implementation of
accords reached as a result of Sargsyan's visit to Moscow on September
3, as well as discuss further steps towards Armenia's accession to the
Customs Union and the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan,
and Russia," a Kremlin source pointed out.

A number of joint documents are to be signed as a result of the talks.