11:44 ~U 04.12.13

Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary group Naira Zohrabyan
confirmed to the group's intention to give an adequate response
to the government if it continues rejecting the group's proposals.

"The government's style toward the PAP is to imperatively reject
all our proposals. Some government officials even say 'it is a
good idea' but reject it. The following conclusion can be made:
they are politically motivated, and the government is rejecting
our bills envisaging SME development. The only reason is that
these are PAP-authored bills. If they continue this policy, we
will give an adequate response to the government by boycotting the
government-proposed discussions and votes," Zohrabyan said.

With respect to the party's position on the compulsory pension
contributions system, she said: "In my speech I noted that they must
not threaten us or remind us of anything. Our memory does not fail us."

In 2010, the PAP could not imagine there would be a disastrous economic
situation in Armenia in four years.

"Yes, we could not even imagine the government-implemented 'reforms'
would result in disastrous emigration, unemployment and complete loss
of popular confidence. Only a government enjoying public confidence
can implement such reforms. The voluntary pension contribution system
has been in effect since 2011, but no citizen has been involved in it.

Do not they want to receive high pensions? They do want high pensions,
but they do not believe that the government will ensure it in 20 or
40 years. So let the demagogues see the disastrous situation their
party's policy has led the country to," Zohrabyan said.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress