December 4 2013

At the joint press conference with the President of the Republic of
Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the statements of Vladimir Putin were not so
interesting with regard to Armenia. To the point, I do not agree that
the RF President's behavior was humiliating or contemptuous, some
of our opponents, here, accept the reality as they want. The entire
"custom" situation, yes, is unpleasant and dangerous, but Putin's
(so as Serzh Sargsyan's) behavior during the visit fits into the
diplomatic etiquette; there is no need to invent things that allegedly
are conveying additional drama to the situation. If I were present at
the conference and I had the opportunity to ask a question, I would
have asked, "Is it true that there will be a single ruble zone in the
Customs Union, as it is claimed by our Prime Minister?" Naturally,
like all political figures, the RF President would not definitely give
a positive or negative answer. However, it would be clear from the
intonation of the answer whether there is such a thing in his mind,
or not. I am also wondering whether there would be a certain ideology
in the Eurasian Union initiated by Putin, to which we are all obliged
to obey. It is clear that Putin would give even more indefinite answer
to this question, though his Armenian adepts claim that it would happen
like that. However, of course, it is better to be guided by what the
Russian President said rather than by the hypothetical answers that
Putin might give to my concerned questions. To this respect, the last
response of our guest related to Ukraine was the most interesting.

According to the RF President, a/ the events taking place in Kiev have
nothing to do with European integration; these are the scenarios that
were prepared for the presidential elections scheduled for next spring,
but, due to whatever circumstances, they were introduced earlier,
b/ among others, specially trained gunmen were participating in the
demonstrations in Ukraine. I have no doubt that the RF President has
comprehensive information about what is happening in Ukraine through
his former department. And if the protest of citizens in Ukraine
is truly organized, so to speak, to implement "the second orange
revolution", then it might make sense to treat Viktor Yanukovich
milder, whom they wanted to dismiss through this plot.

Maybe they shouldn't exert so hard pressure on Ukraine's President
regarding the EU Association Agreement. Otherwise, on one side,
they are playing with the reputation of the man, on the other hand,
they want him to resist various plots.


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From: Baghdasarian